The New Memphis Orchestra

This incredible Band, with its current members, was founded two years ago at Slagthuset, Malmö for the Glenn Wish Show. Musical Director Johan Svensson selected top musicians with whom he played through his career. Some of the international members studied with him at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

The Current Band

Juraj Burian from Bratislava, Slovakia.
He was actually born with the guitars in his cradle and is today one of the most loved and recorded guitar players in Europe. A studio musician on the highest level. Following his master’s degree in Berklee US, he played on over 250 CDs thru his career. When you hear him play you will know why.
I am sure he will pursue the audience with his Charm as well as Olga Konkova from Moskau, Russia who plays the Piano.
In her Childhood she had to choose between a bicycle or a Piano. The rest is history. Her playing is a mix of a gigantic talent, technique and a big bunch of temperament. Olga has released two solo piano jazz albums. Olga is found on

Per Mathisen is the bass player from Oslo, Norway. Johan Svensson and Per met at Berklee and they can look back on a lot of European Tours together. His excellent time feel will make you swing. Per is currently on the “who’s your daddy now tour” through Europe. Per can be found on The Copenhagen all star Horn Section.
The musical director picked a dream quartet, which is on levels far above any show. Benny Rosenfeld from Copenhagen, Denmark on the trumpet, is one of the rarely spread players at Tivoli and can look back on gigs with many major stars such as Miles Davis.
Kim Aahgård from Copenhagen Denmark on the Bass trombone is also a member of the Tivoli Band, which is known as one of the hardest Gigs in Europe. Last but not least in the horn section, we have Hans Nybo, Copenhagen, Denmark on Alto Saxophone. I promise you Goosebumps when you hear his solo played with a mix of precision and soul. Kim Martinsson Bass trombone, Only 19 years old this raw talent comes straight out of the Swedish Army Band.

The Envelopes
Is The New Memphis Orchestra’s own choir consisting of Erik Odsell can be found on
Joel Bexelius
Olof Esbjörnsson
Jakob Rask

With a fantastic blend these four voices lays the foundation for Glenn Wish. They all sing in their own a capella groups with upcoming success. Their Backstage name “The Latin Lovers” gives you an idea that these guys are not only good to listen to…

Back up vocals
Recording artist Cole Williams  from New York City, US and
Recording artist Lexi Lawson   from New York,US.
Glenn Wish’s own words hearing the ladies sing for the first time was. “Oh my God”

Recording artist Freedom Bremner from New York City, US
Freedom was the American Idol star 2004. With an unbelievable voice and stage present he adds that little extra that not many bands have. Freedom can be found at

Johan Svensson Drummer/Musical Director and producer of the show “ A Tribute To The King”. This charming talented guy, does not only have magic hands on his Champagne sparkling Pearl drum set. He Achieved a Masters Degree in fine Arts in Berklee College of Music and Cal Art’s in Los Angeles. His career continues with many big tours with European artist, as well as American, and includes many shows in Las Vegas. To underline his creativity, his latest show “Drums Should Be Forbidden” with the Drum circus group ConRytmo has been played so far in eleven countries worldwide.

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